Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We attended an SPCA fund-raising event this past weekend, and, in addition to animal-related exhibits, they had tons of fun stuff for kids - face painting, clowns making balloon animals, and....a BOUNCY HOUSE.

Bean was so excited when she saw it that I said she was 2 (she is ALMOST there) so she could gain entrance... She bounced and laughed and bounced and laughed... I couldn't get her out. Hubby coaxed her out with ice cream bait once, but we made the mistake of letting her go back for another round. It was now well past nap time, and she was fading fast. Despite droopy eyelids and increasing clumsiness, she continued to jump and be tossed about by the other kids' bouncy aftershocks.

"OK, Bean, time to get out, please."

"Nooooo, Mumma! Bounce! Bounce!"

This went on for a while until, finally, the bouncy house attendant told her it was some one else's turn.

We thought we were done with the bouncing, until, over the monitor as she fell asleep, we heard her: "Bounce! Bounce! House! Bye-bye bounce. Bye-bye, bounce!"

And then the next morning, I opened her door and was greated with, "Hi Mumma! Bounce! Bounce!"

I think it's safe to say that we'll be renting a bouncy house for her birthday party this year...

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