Saturday, April 7, 2007

Transcripts 3 and 4

Transcript 3:

4 AM.

Me: Ah, shit. She's awake.
Hubby: Give it a minute; she'll go back to sleep.
Me: It's been 5 minutes....she's wide awake.
Hubby, still half asleep: Febreeze.
Me, wide awake now: WHAT?
Hubby: Febreeze. Febreeze her.
Me: WHAT are you talking about?
Hubby: You know what I mean - do the Febreeze Method.
Me: Do you mean the FERBER method?
Hubby: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Transcript 4:

Bean pulls a new diaper from her diaper bag and starts gnawing on it.

Hubby: No, honey. Don't chew on that. You'll get dry mouth.

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