Saturday, May 5, 2007

How time flies, and other cliches of parenting

Oh MAN have I been neglecting my blog! Sorry, dear readers (readers? are you out there?). Time seems to have gotten the better of me.

As for Bean updates, baby girl is 9 1/2 months old now, and more incredible every day. She's ALMOST crawling: creeping and rolling, getting on all fours....just hasn't quite put it all together yet. I'm in no hurry for her to turn over this milestone, I assure you - my house is anything but baby proofed. Even now I have all I can do to keep her from rolling face first into the dog's bum or getting covered in dust when she sneaks a leg under the entertainment center.

She is an old pro at eating solids, and nary a morsel has passed her lips that she hasn't devoured with unbridled curiosity and relish. What it must be like to taste beets for the first time, and peas, and peaches. (If only I could get my husband to eat his veggies the way his daughter does...)

Anyway, it seems like an eternity has passed since my last post, even though it's been less than a month. When you have a baby, other parents always tell you, "It goes fast." More accurate would be, "The days pass like minutes - and then she's one."

But nine months is a perfect age! She's happy most of the time, and when she's not, it's fairly easy to discover what's making her cranky and remedy it. She's not really mobile. She sleeps. She SLEEPS! I just want to freeze her where she is now and relish it, drink it in for a couple years, and then let her move on to 10, 11, and 12 months.

I suppose this is one reason why parents decide to have another baby - to relive those precious moments that fly so quickly past - if only for another brief moment.

...and five months ago I couldn't imagine EVER wanting to have another one...

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GreenBanana said...

so does that mean you are having another bean?