Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Memorable Quotes

I know it's taboo to blog about not blogging, so I'll quickly apologize for my six month(!) hiatus, promise to post regularly, and then move on...

Bean is now 2 1/2 and VERY vocal. She is constantly asking what things are, who made them, where they went, and what their middle names are.

Every time I repeat her latest sound byte, I'm told "You should really write these down, or you'll forget them forever!" So, at last, I am doing so. These are just a few of the gems.

  • Who made my bed, Mum? The people at the store, honey. But who made my bum, Mum?
  • I don't want Santa to eat all my cookies, Mum!
  • What's Santa's middle name? What's him's mom's name?
  • Santa eats all those cookies so he can get STRRRROOOONNNGGGG!
  • Where did Aunt M go? Her has a beard.
  • I need my hat and minutes to go outside, Mum!
  • I had NO nap, Grammy. Mommy is upSET!
  • I had a good nap! Santa is happy! [TG for Santa!]
  • Where's my hotdog's face go? I no like him.
  • Santa lives at the Nerf Pole, Daddy!
  • What's your dolly's name? Yogurt!
  • What's your other dolly's name? Doctor!
  • What's your boy doll's name? Princess!
  • What would you like to ask Santa for? Fried dough!
  • Wait your turn, Mum! [when I'm driving....]
  • What she doed to you, Mum? [when I scold the dog]
  • You doin' some emails on your 'puter?
  • Why were you crying? I was cranky!
  • I stick the flashlight in [the dog's] bum! Just pretend!
  • My Daddy's middle name is Thomas! Thomas the Tank Engine!
  • Just listen to the music, Mum. Take a deep breath. There. Now you feel better. [This from a two year old?!]
  • I don't want to eat that. I can't like it, Daddy!
  • Please have a delicious cookie, Mum?
  • Please have something delicious to eat?
  • Please have a snack? No, you need to eat your dinner. Please have pudding?!
  • Look at that dude running! With NO PANTS! [jogger in ultra short shorts]
  • Let's watch Glue's Clues! Let's watch Clifford the Red Big Dog!
  • [Looking at digital photos] Let's just watch the video Dad!
  • What do you think turkeys like to eat? Bugs! Lady bugs! And  they have to wear them's sun hats and sun scream at the beach!

Everyone was right. I can't remember them all!

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Jasmine said...

LOL These are hilarious! What a little firecracker :^D