Friday, February 13, 2009

February Transcripts

Transcript 1:

Bean: I had fun going to dinner with you and Daddy, Mum!
Me: We had fun too! You did a good job eating your spaghetti.
Bean: I like 'spetti! Just me and Mommy and Daddy. Maggie [the dog] can't come.
Me: That's right; Mags stayed home.
Bean: Her can't come. Her's too big to fit in a high chair!
Me: That's right! Also, there are no dogs allowed in the restaurant.
Bean: Yeah! 'Cause her would poop on the floor!

Transcript 2:

Me: Bean, Friday is pajama day at school!
Bean: OK, Mum! I bring my crib, too!

Transcript 3:
Bean: I want to grow up to be a mommy, just like you, Mum!
Me (truly touched): Oh, honey, that's so nice! You do?
Bean: Yeah. So I can have GUM!

And a few quotes:

I put the trash in the psycho bin for you, Mum!

I did not dream some dreams last night, Mum. I try again tonight.

I got egg seeds at the store with Daddy! To grow eggplants!

That's Madison, Mum. Her's a big kid. Her has ear wings!

I have a little tiny bum, Mum. You have a big bum!

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Jasmine said...

These are so precious ... I can't wait to see what she writes about you one day :)