Monday, March 5, 2007

Good ol' H20

I realized something the other day as I indulged in a 15 minute, make-your-skin-red-it's-so-hot shower - such a luxury now - I never appreciated water until I got pregnant. I've always loved to swim, and of course I drink the stuff. But I developed a new appreciation for water once there was a Bean in my belly. Oh, the many ways water comforts:

1. Early pregnancy baths. I had 20 weeks of 24-hour-a-day nausea at the beginning of my pregnancy. The only time I felt well was when I was asleep....or taking a bath. Somehow the warm water relaxed me and took my mind off the swirling maelstrom in my stomach. In early pregnancy 'they' advise against bathing in water hotter than 100 degrees, and, being that it was winter, and I'm a tall woman with a small bath tub, these early baths were usually pretty chilly and therefore pretty short. But, nonetheless, they were worth it.

2. Second and third trimester hot tubs. I got big fast, and as a result had a lot of round ligament pain, which my midwife aptly described as feeling like "you're a Barbie doll that someone is ripping the rubbery legs off of" every time you walk or roll over in bed. After the first trimester, I was allowed to take a hot tub (still around 100 degrees, but at least now I could be immersed up to my neck). In the tub I was weightless and carefree. I felt wonderful. I could have stayed in there forever. My friends are tired of hearing me say, "Whatever you do - when you buy a house, make sure it has a hot tub or a whirlpool tub that you can submerge your pregnant belly in." Regardless of whether you have discomfort during pregnancy, being weightless - even for a short time - is heaven.

3. Water birth. Even though I wasn't able to have the
water birth I planned for the Bean, I am still a firm believer in the soothing, relaxing, healing power of water during labor and delivery. I did spend my early labor in our hot tub, relaxed and pain-free. If we have another baby, s/he will be a water baby.

4. That first shower after delivery. I won't go into detail here, but it's an experience.

5. The it's-my-only-escape shower. There's no getting around it - even with a newborn, you have to find a way to take a shower everyday. And, as guilty as I felt lathering my hair knowing that Hubby or Grandma or Auntie was trying to calm the screaming Bean, the running water drowned out all sounds. Sometimes those 5 minutes are the only peace you get in a day.

6. The breastfeeding thirst. Never have I been so thirsty! And, if I don't drink tons one day, my milk supply is down the next.

7. Bath, glass of wine, candles. No, I'm not getting romantic on you. Some days, after the Bean is asleep, there's nothing more relaxing than a hot bath. (Once or twice I've fallen asleep in there and woken up shivering.)

8. I have time to shave my legs! Older Bean, longer showers. True luxury!

9. A bath with my Bean! This on falls in the fun, rather than relaxing, category. The water can't be blazing hot like I like it, and I can't slink down to stay warm because I need to make room for the Bean to splish and splash. But what FUN! She squeals with delight and her gummy smile never fades.


NuttyMeatfruit said...

What a beautiful ode! I remember and agree with every one of those points, and snuggly, slippery baby is the BEST kind :)

BeanMa said...

Aw, thanks Nutty! I need a #10. Any suggestions?

GreenBanana said...

oh i haven't tried a bath with my beanana yet! We have showered after swim class though and that was "slippery" to say the least...being that i am a tall woman as well and a new-ish mom i'm not sure i can even fit in my bathtub anymore, let along with my beanana but i'll give it a try!

NuttyMeatfruit said...

#10 ... Hmmm ... Soak Your Feet (don't you wish you could)? Restyle Your Hair (when there is no time for that shower)? Wash-Wash-Wash Your Hands (ew, messy baby)? Oh wait! LAUNDRY - how many loads per week now, compared to before?