Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Bah" is for Bean

Bean has been talking up a storm lately. Her first word, of course, was "Dada," followed soon after by "Mum-mum." Then she came out with "up." She stuck with those three words for quite a while. Not too long ago we realized that, though she may not say much yet, she actually understands most of what we say to her.

It's funny - you talk to your baby constantly: "Hi little Bean.....let's go get dressed...time to change your's your breakfast....say hi to Daddy!" And most of the time it's a one way conversation. But then there comes a day when you say, "OK, lay down so Mommy can put on your jammies!" and she lays down. Or you say, "Do you want to go play outside?" and she gets very excited and high-tails it to the back door. It's also funny that she has selective hearing: she hears "Want to have a snack?" loud and clear, but somehow "Don't climb the stairs!" doesn't resonate.

Anyway, lately she's also been adding a lot of words to her vocabulary; this week I think she added a new word every day. Here's her current lexicon:

Bah-bah: bottle / sippy cup
Bah: ball / bowl / bath / bye / belly, depending on the context
Bah-na: banana
Bab: bib
Beh-beeee: baby

Cuh: car
Coo: school

Dah: duck
DuhDuh, daaaah: Daddy
Duh.....pah: diaper

Grrrrrr: truck (I guess that's the sound a truck makes? LOL)


Ma: MooMoo (the dog) / more
Mum-mum: Mommy

Nack: snack
Nuh-nuh: Dinner

Puh: pig

Yeah, yeah!

Oh, and she LOVES to talk on the phone (unless of course there's actually someone on the other end, in which case she's struck mute).

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