Monday, October 15, 2007

We have lift off.

Figures! The very day I posted "Is she walking yet?" my little Bean took her first steps.

I realized afterwards that I always figured she'd first walk into my or her father's arms, urged on by our enthusiastic prompting, "C'mon, Bean! You can do it!" But not this girl! She had to do it all on her own.

She was hanging on to the couch with one hand and just took off toward her toy box. She didn't know I was watching her, and I don't think she realized what she was doing until she sat down about six steps later and I started clapping.

I was crying too, of course. Every time she reaches a milestone I pull out her baby album to reminisce for a while. Cripes, she's only 15 months old. What am I going to be like when she goes to kindergarten?

Anyway, she's been practicing her moves on and off since then, but she doesn't seem all that interested yet. I can hear the chorus of parents with older kids warning me: "Oh, just you wait!"

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