Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday morning surprise

When I brought Bean downstairs Sunday morning (she was up and running at 6....what happened to 7, Beanie???), there was a weird smell in the air. It was quite putrid...that "the dog really needs a bath" smell. I figured I'd have Hubs wash the dog when he got up.

I put some coffee on while Bean played on the kitchen floor.

"Man, that smell is awful. C'mere Bean, let's go wake daddy up so he can give your silly dog a bath."

And then I saw it. Dog pee, ALL OVER the kitchen floor. It was partially dry so I didn't see it until I was at the right angle. Yes, that's right, the same floor Bean had just been crawling around and playing on.

Thank god my husband always takes care of these dog emergencies. He washed the floor and bathed the dog (who did have a case of swamp ass on top of the accident) while I gave Bean a bath.

What a nice way to start a Sunday.


NuttyMeatfruit said...

I can't believe this is the only post tagged "damn dog." You really have an iron stomach LOL

BeanMa said...

LOL you're right - I probably have a few others that I should go back and re-tag...