Sunday, November 25, 2007

New words, continued...

More words to add to Bean's Lexicon:

Blah: "Bless you," uttered nonchalantly after someone sneezes
Bah: bath or belly or back
Bahbaaaah: bye bye
Bah bun: belly button
Bub-bub: bubbles
Clicking sound: cookie/cracker
Dan-da: Santa
Daw: dog
Deuce: juice
Doo: door
Doost: toast
Duh: done
Huh: hat
Mahgramma: my grandma
Me: mine
Pee...PEE! (no translation needed)
Tee: teeth
Twos: toes
Wawa (making "w" on her chin with her fingers): Water
Wawa: waffle
Waaaah: walk

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